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Sex & Love

People Are Sharing The "Dark Side" Of Falling In Love, And Wow, It's Not Always Talked About

"Falling in love is realizing that you are willingly allowing yourself to have a kryptonite-level weak spot. My house could burn, the 401(k) could get raided, or my job could get downsized — I'll just yell, 'Plot twist!' and keep moving. But let harm come to my husband or kid? The deeper the love, the deeper the ache."

taylor swift in music video "delicate"

"He Helped Me Through My Colonoscopy": Women Are Sharing How They Realized Their Partners Actually Loved Them, And It's Heart-Warming

"I wanted to buy my nephew a Nintendo Switch in a certain color for Christmas. It was sold out online and in stores near us. While I was sleeping, he drove to a Target an hour away and waited an hour before the store even opened to get it. He surprised me in the morning with it."

Poor People Who “Married For Money” And Rich People Who “Married For Love” Are Sharing What It’s Really Like, and Wow

"I married for love — my husband came from a poor family and didn’t have a high-paying job. After we got married, I realized he had hid a lot of debt from me: credit card, student loans, and the wedding, which I was told was taken care of. We’ve been married for eight years, and I have been the breadwinner and sole provider for at least half the marriage. I do find myself wishing I married for money, out of pure exhaustion."

If You Have Ever Been In A Toxic Relationship, You Will Immediately Know These 5 Red Flags An Expert Says To Look Out For

Speaking about toxic relationships, expert Sabrina Alexis Bendory said, "You may feel a great deal of shame — there is a part of you that feels shame for being in this situation, but you rationalize it away because it’s painful to accept that you are being mistreated. Maybe you tell yourself it’s not so bad or you’re just being dramatic. Maybe the problem is actually you and you need to solve it, and on and on."

"And The Show Is Called 'The Audacity'" — People Are Applauding This Artist For Turning Every Single Unsolicited Dick Pic She's Received Into Very Brilliant Works Of Art

"I believe that sending unsolicited dick pics can be a precursor to pushing the envelope of consent, and lack thereof, in other ways. It's unnecessary, uncomfortable, and unwanted," said Audrey Berck, who had the idea to draw and create an art gallery out of all the unwanted penis photos she has received since high school.

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"When You Change Women’s Sex Hormones, You Change Women" — It Turns Out There's Evidence That Hormonal Birth Control Actually Affects Who You're Attracted To, And Now I'm Questioning Everything

"Women deserve to know the full range of side effects possible with the pill, so that way they can make informed decisions about their health and the version of themselves that they want to be."

"As someone who is engaged again to my ex-husband, I can't stress enough how much work goes into a successful relationship" over a couple kissing at their wedding, next to a reaction shot of shocked JLO

"I've Been Married For Over 34 Years, And My Husband Still Doesn't Know How To Give Me An Orgasm": People Are Sharing The Aspects Of Marriage They Wish They'd Prepared For Before Tying The Knot, And It's Eye-Opening

"I would have liked to have known more about sex, specifically orgasms. I've been married for over 34 years, and my husband still doesn't know how to give me an orgasm, and I don't know how to educate him. Sex has been very disappointing."