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All things queer, all year!


All things queer, all year!

The Colorado Springs Shooting Was Always Going To Happen

The shooting in Colorado Springs comes after a year of targeted political attacks against the LGBTQ community. Now, those same far-right figures would prefer you didn’t politicize this slaughter.

Ryan Murphy Said He Considered Cancelling "Glee" After Cory Monteith's Death

"None of us knew how to handle it, none of us knew how to pay tribute to him, none of us knew what to do with the business. But all of us did know that when that happened, our hearts all kind of broke. And we were all kind of done. The spirit and joy of it has left the building."

21 Ace Books To Read During Ace Week

That’s right, it’s Ace Week! And as an ace (and aro) person who reads constantly, you better believe I have a big ol’ list of asexual-spectrum books for you.