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Everyone Is Worried About Dua Lipa After Elton John Posted A Picture With Her And A Group Of Extremely Powerful Gays

Someone please check in on her.

Dua Lipa is in the news again!

Yesterday, I posted about her possibly dating Jack Harlow.

And today, I'm posting about how a group of her fans are worried about her safety after Elton John posted a picture with her and some extremely powerful gays.

This is the picture I'm talking about:

There's Elton John, Elton's husband David Furnish, record producer Andrew Watt, Heartstoppers' Sebastian Croft, William Gao, and Kit Connor, singer Sam Fender, and Scissor Sisters member Jake Shears.

Dua Lipa out to dinner with Elton John, David Furnish, Andrew Watt, Kit Connor, Sebastian Croft, Sam Fender, Jake Shears and William Gao!

Twitter: @dlipanews

That's A LOT of gay power there!

But all the comments on this post are kind of dark...

Twitter: @sebdgy

Like, "you're in danger, girl" type comments.

@dlipanews Blink twice if you’re in danger girl

Twitter: @siriusgray91

We're talking murder!


Twitter: @cecissl

Don't go any further if you haven't seen the Season 2 finale of The White Lotus, because it has to do with that.

So, if you didn't know: In The White Lotus, Jennifer Coolidge plays a very wealthy woman named Tanya.


Tanya goes on vacation with her husband, Greg, but he leaves and she makes some new friends.

These new friends are "high-end gays."

These high-end gays wine and dine her. They take her to their fancy palazzo.

“Portia, these are some high-end gays!” #TheWhiteLotus ✨✨✨


Then they try to kill her for her money*.

So, now you can see why people are making these comments on the Elton John picture.

@dlipanews She didn't watch the white lotus

Twitter: @UlisesNorza

From "should we warn" her...

@dlipanews Same vibe. Should we warn Dua Lia?

Twitter: @ElioAglio Dua take the stairs.

Twitter: @purplekacper_03

It's a pretty rich comment section.

@dlipanews why is javk harlow hiring these gay assassins to kill dula peep to get her fortune

Twitter: @cekikiwrites

"Run" is the overall sentiment.

Twitter: @iknewtherumors

And I just hope she made it out OK!

HBO/ Twitter: @lanceohnstad

In conclusion, I'll leave you with this comment, because you'll only get it if you've seen the show...

@dlipanews So who's the uncle and the nephew? 😶

Twitter: @beansoyaaa


Tanya on The White Lotus saying "he was kinda fucking his uncle"