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    14 Apartment Neighbors Who Made Millennials Sob All Over Again About Not Being Able To Own Property

    We're probably gonna have to hear our neighbors fighting and having sex until the day we die.

    1. This person who keeps playing porn on their neighbor's speaker:

    "Please disconnect from our device."

    2. This person who's threatening to call the police over some footsteps:

    "Stop walking barefoot"

    3. This person who spilled a mysterious fluid that leaked out into the hallway:

    Liquid leaking from under an apartment door

    4. And this person who doesn't care if everyone on their floor trips over their cable, as long as they get free electricity:

    a cable running down a long hallway

    5. This person who vandalizes anyone's car that's parked in the spot they've decided is "theirs" (it's not):

    "Do not park. Will tow."

    6. These people who are gonna get you evicted unless you buy a superhero welcome mat:

    Superhero welcome mats

    7. This person who had the gall to spray water into their neighbor's apartment to get them to be quiet (apology NOT accepted):

    "And I am going to work on my anger issues. Maybe video games..."

    8. This person who created a terrifying paranormal effect by flooding their apartment:

    A flooded ceiling

    9. This person who took creepy neighbor to a whole new level:

    "Hopefully attempting her dare will suffice for your wife!"
    "Facebook showed you typing but you've deleted it! I'm so curious what you were about to say!"

    10. This person who vandalized their neighbor's door with paint because they were annoyed by the noise they were making:

    Paint on a door

    11. This person who leaves their garbage outside for everyone to smell:

    Garbage outside of a door

    12. Same with this person and their cat litter:

    Cat litter outside of someone's door

    13. This person who didn't realize the installment of their washing machine would result in a toilet bubble bath at their neighbor's apartment:

    Bubbles coming out of a toilet

    14. And finally, this person who's letting their husky's pee and poop rot away their building foundation:

    Pee and pop stains on someone's pillar