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Best of the Internet

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I Learned These 18 Life Hacks This Week And Desperately Wanted To Share Them With All Of You

"If you need to warm up cold butter in a hurry, simply heat a dish big enough to cover the amount of butter needed. I usually microwave the dish with a bit of water in it to help heat it up. Then, dry the dish and place it over the cold butter. Within five to seven minutes, the butter will be softened. It's way better than microwaving it. It's a quick simple hack that actually works!"

People Who've Been Put Under Anesthesia Are Sharing Their Wildest Stories And I'm Embarrassed On Their Behalf

"My sister had to have surgery to remove a benign cyst and my parents and I went with her. The anesthesia must’ve kicked in real good because she kept ripping massive farts and laughing hysterically. Then she grabbed her boobs and yelled 'Fruit Loops, Fruit Loops!' and then passed out cold."